Global Communication Summit 2021

Creating new connections in PR and Communications

7—8 December 2021 / Digital

Experience the Global Communication Summit

The Global Communication Summit is the annual flagship event for international communications and PR professionals.

In 2021, we invite you to join our second entirely digital event, which will take place on the 7th and 8th of December.

The theme for this year’s GCS is Reconnect.









Global Communication Summit 2021

After the challenges of the past two years, the transition into 2022 will be a global opportunity to hit the ‘reset’ button and reconnect: in the way we do business, in the way we work, in the way we lead, in how we relate to one another, and in the what, where, when and why of communications.


strong, defined communications strategies that reflect the world we live in.


new ways to engage with key stakeholders like employees, management, customers, media, etc.


your crisis communication and issues monitoring for a post-COVID landscape.


the key principles for communication measurement and evaluation in 2022 and beyond.


which technologies are really driving change in the industry.


with international peers via the Summit platform and during our programme in special networking sessions.


diversity at the heart of your organization.


your Comms and PR-related questions directly to our expert speakers.


your Comms department as a resilient team able to keep up with evolving demands.




At the online Global Communication Summit 2021, we invite you to overcome distances and discover the value of connection.

Explore engaging communications and PR strategies for teams, leaders, stakeholders, customers, the media and more.


Module 01

Reconnect people: engaging internal audiences

After social distancing, furloughed staff and disrupted organisations, crafting internal strategies that define your culture and engage your team, your workforce and your executive board is the key to resilience in a post-lockdown landscape.

#EmployeeEngagement #EmployerBranding #ExcellentLeadership #Empathy #CorporateCulture #InternalComms #RemoteTeams


Module 02

Reconnect PR: engaging external stakeholders

Whether B2C or B2B, multinational or SME, big business or ambitious NGO, it takes trust, authenticity and relevance to develop communications strategies that reconnect with your stakeholders, your global community, the media and investors.

#ExternalComms #PublicRelations #ContentMarketing #InvestorRelations #Trust #Authenticity


Module 03

Reconnect innovations: engaging with the cutting edge

The coronavirus pandemic sped up the adoption of crucial communication technologies. Asynchronous communication, remote work, AI, digitalization: the time is now to upgrade your skills, competencies and tools to ensure growth.

#DigitalTransformation #ArtificialIntelligence #Measurement #Strategy #RemoteWork #3DExperience

The Globe

Module 04

Reconnect The Globe: engaging strategies for a connected world

For organizations looking to sustain businesses and communities, to renew growth and resilience, the post-coronavirus landscape is uncertain. Global communications strategies have a vital role to play in rebuilding our world.

#InternationalChange #SocialResponsibility #Resilience #Supplychains #Sustainability #GlobalReputation


The keynote speeches of the Global Communication Summit are our opportunity to explore big picture thinking and to take a deeper dive into the issues most relevant to today’s communicators.

Reconnect with the Future

Professor Vera Mulyani will share her inspiration and vision about our future on Mars that is so much closer than most people think. What would be our role in this era of exponential progress of technology and off-world destinations that may alienate the human connections with nature and with each other. How do we become part of this future, starting with what we have today and make our one life last forever in the history of humanity.

Vera Mulyani

Founder, Chief Marschitect

Mars City Design

Guy Britt

Global Head of Co-Worker Communication


Daniela Rogosic

CEO Communication Leader


Communication to the Many – how to Reach your Co-Workers Around the World in an Authentic and Meaningful Way

In their fireside chat, Daniela Rogosic and Guy Britt will share the essential role that openness and authenticity in internal communications play in fostering a culture of togetherness at IKEA. They will explore the innovative tools and formats they use to keep over 170,000 co-workers informed and engaged, whether they are processing desks in a warehouse or working from one.

Independence, Impartiality and Trust - the Role of Public Service Broadcasting in an Increasingly Divided World

Public Service broadcasting has never been more important or vital in an increasingly divided world. The speech will set out the challenges and opportunities for broadcasters and how their role, despite increasing competition, can make a positive difference to society and economic growth.

John Shield

Director of Communications


Dana W. White

Chief Communications Officer

Hyundai Motor North America

Fireside Chat on Great Leadership for the 21st Century

In this fireside chat with Karin Helmstaedt, Dana will share insights from an extraordinary international career, which has taken her from the White House to big business. Dana will give her unique perspective on what makes a great leader in the 21st Century, including the importance of speaking truth to power and the essential role leaders must play in uplifting and empowering others.

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